At Fifi's Cakery we believe your wedding cake is the cake of your lifetime and so must be absolutely perfect for you. Every wedding cake is designed with each couple to incorporate exactly the style they have envisaged to perfectly complement their wedding. We would much rather a couple change a cake design completely in the months running up to their wedding than have a cake they are not totally in love with.

The wedding cake is an element of the wedding day that is unseen by the couple until they enter the reception newly married. Rather like the groom glimpsing his bride for the first time as she walks down the aisle, the cake is a wonderful surprise as the culmination of ideas, sketches and imaginations come together and are brought to life in a delicious edible work of art. It is always lovely to hear from couples after their wedding to see if their visions were perfectly interpreted.

Each wedding cake is delivered by Fifi so as to ensure you have the most perfect cake possible. Travelling with a stacked cake is a high risk and can cause wobbles, cracks, bulges or collapsing, with little time to recreate your cake if a disaster happens en route. For this reason we always travel with each cake tier in it's own individual cake box, protecting every part of the wedding cake from any adverse weather, insects, birds flying overhead or other potential hazards. Once safely in the venue the wedding cake is then assembled and the finishing touches added, ensuring you have the perfect wedding cake of your dreams.

It is never too early to book your wedding cake. As a small family run business Fifi's Cakery only bakes for a select number of weddings each year to ensure each cake is made to perfection with loving focus and dedication to details, rather than rushed and churned out in a busy baking production line. So to ensure you are not disappointed it is best to book your wedding date with us as soon as possible, especially if your wedding date is during the high season months from March to October.

To secure your wedding date in the Fifi's Cakery diary there is a non refundable £100 deposit. The balance of your wedding cake is then due one calendar month before your wedding day.

To check cake prices before booking you can request a guide quotation. If you have any cake styles or ideas you like you can email images to info@fifiscakery.com along with the number of guests you need to feed, the venue and the wedding date. We can then put together a quotation with prices for a variety of suitable cake sizes along with the delivery charge, which is costed at 50p per mile for the round trip.

Each couple is invited to a free wedding cake consultation to try some different flavours of cake and discuss your wedding style and cake designs in detail.

Cake sizes are determined by the number of guests and the size of cake slices to be served. For cakes being used as the pudding for the wedding meal we use "Dessert Slices" which measure 2" x 1" x 5". Whereas for cakes being served after the meal, usually alongside cups of coffee, we use "Wedding Slices" which measure 1" x 1" x 5". Once a deposit has been received and all design specifics are decided upon, a detailed cake order form and invoice are issued.

Dietary needs catered for by Fifi's Cakery are Gluten Free and/or Dairy Free and/or Sugar Free. If the couple have food intolerances we can create a gluten and/or dairy free and/or sugar free tier within their wedding cake. To cater for guests with these intolerances individual gluten and/or dairy free and/or sugar free cupcakes can be made to match the main wedding cake style and encased in pretty gift boxes with the guests' names on gift tags to ensure each guest receives the correct dietary cake.

Every Fifi's Cakery cake is vegetarian and nut free (unless a nut flavour). All ingredients containing nuts are stored in a sealed box in a separate cupboard within the cakery to ensure there is no cross contamination with all other ingredients.

As a gluten intolerant vegetarian Fifi has ensured the gluten free cakes are as delicious as their wheat filled counterparts. They really do provide us gluten frees with some sadly all too rare soft and light tasty cake.

Within a wedding cake each tier can be a different flavour. Underneath every tier is a thin cake board so the cakes are not in direct contact with each other, meaning flavours do not blend and dietary cakes can safely be placed on top of other cakes without any cross contamination.

Decorating wedding cakes with flowers is a favourite style at Fifi's Cakery. We offer either sugar flowers (such as the sugar lavender in the photo) or fresh organic edible flowers. Standard flowers are covered in non food safe pesticides and are usually toxic varieties of flowers which seriously effect people's health if particles are ingested. Sugar flowers can be made to match the wedding flowers and the florist can provide fresh flowers to be placed underneath the cake around the cake stand to help tie the cake into the wedding floral theme. Cake is ultimately food and must be safe to eat as well as looking beautiful.

Your wedding cake is a fabulous statement of your style and personality that has a lasting impression on your guests. Be as creative as possible, there are no rules and regulations, just a never ending array of beautiful possibilities that will delight your guests and above all else taste absolutely amazing!

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